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"I have been going to Jefferson OrthoPTic now for several years. I got to know Michael and Robbie very well, and they me. These people treat you like a friend in need, and they show genuine concern to help you. Reggie is a master on that machine they use for shoulders, knees, ankles and heaven only knows what else. They have the equipment, the people, and the compassion to make a person feel totally comfortable. I've used them for shoulder injury, wrist and elbow injury, knees, and now ankle-surgery rehab. I even got a Christmas present from their wonderful staff going to a therapy session on Christmas Eve (open only half day) -- Even though my orthopedic doctor works for a practice that has their own PT... I won't hear of it. For me it has to be these wonderful people. Once they set you on a real road to recovery, they'll be asking you about your football teams, and other casual talk--just the thing to make you feel your among friends--because you ARE. "
Jan 04, 2020
" Best rehab place I’ve ever used and I’ve been to a few. The owner, Michael Murphy, PT saw me at every appointment, went over my exercises, evaluated my progress and added new exercises. He took meticulous notes for my doctors. In addition, he constantly walked the rehab floor making sure that all exercises are being performed properly. The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. No one is ever in a bad mood at this place so they must love their jobs! I would rate six stars if possible. "
Aug 26, 2019
"I could barely walk when I began therapy. We started a program of rehabilitation that has built stability and stamina. The staff are friendly and helpful and they really strive for excellence in the execution of the moves. I am almost ready to go to the gym, which is where the first therapy clinic I went to thought I was ready for six months ago. So happy to have found this jewel of the orthopedic world here in Metairie!!!"
Apr 17, 2019


OrthoPTic Rehab is a first-class facility, and De La Salle is proud to be a partner with them. Robbie and Mike always put the patients first, surround themselves with top notch staff, and understand what it takes to make a patient, in my case student athletes, feel special.

Coach Ryan Manale

My three children have been going to Danielle and Robbie for over 3 years now. Each of my children are involved in year round sports and my girls are also members of their high school swim team. Danielle and Robbie make every effort to accommodate my children and their busy schedules when they need to be seen in the clinic. My children are comfortable at the clinic during physical therapy and Danielle and Robbie always take the time to evaluate each new issue before beginning treatment. Whether it’s a quick fix; like needing heat, ice or muscle massage, or long-term physical therapy Robbie and Danielle treat them like family. Whenever one of them needs to be stretched, have muscle tension rubbed out or just need some ideas on how to prevent injuries they immediately ask for Mrs. Danielle or Coach Robbie.

Stephanie Centanni

These folks are great. My wife and I have both gotten therapy from them. Robbie and Mike have a great staff of knowledgeable, compassionate, friendly, dedicated therapists and office personnel. I've seen how at least five other clinics operate, and none give as thorough, hands-on attention as OrthoPTic Rehab does. Their clinic is first class from the reception area to the state-of-the-art equipment that you won't find elsewhere. Everyone in this clinic treats patients like they are royalty. You will be very happy that you choose them.

Glenn Taylor

I was recently treated for a back injury by the great staff at OrthoPTic Rehab. The staff was always very caring and cautious to ensure that I was able to perform the task at hand without causing an increase in pain. They took the time to educate me and discuss ways to prevent this type of injury in the future. Rob Porche and Mike Murphy personally found creative ways to increase my mobility and decrease my pain. The staff also makes it a very comfortable place to receive treatment as they genuinely care about your well being. I just want to say thanks to every staff member that assisted me along the way as I can now get back to my every day activities. I would recommend and have recommended this clinic to my friends/family and will continue to do so.

Justin Manale

Friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, hard-working staff! Fun place even if it is therapy!

Marty Langan

Absolutely love this place staff is very professional & courteous as many persons as they see they know you by your name had really helped me progress with my therapy.

Tracy Denise Gaines

Great group of people! I never expected it to be like that, almost like family. Weather you are there for a short period of time or months, it like going and hanging with you best friends. Thanks for the hard work and encouragement.

J.P. Gautier

Been there 6 times so far. It's amazing how much attention the workers devote to you !!!!

Billy Bensel