Isokinetic Testing & Training

Isokinetic testing of extremities via Cybex Norm can be a valuable part of the physical therapy process. The data obtained from the testing can provide the patient, therapist, and doctor detailed information by comparing the results of the injured side vs. the uninjured side as well as to the typical “norm” values. This test has been proven to be a safe as well as an objective way to quantify impairments.

The Cybex can be utilized for exercising with impact free acceleration and deceleration, thus eliminating joint trauma. Isotonic and Isometric training is also an option, depending on the indications for each individual patient. The CPM feature is a valuable tool that can be used to achieve greater ROM in a pain free and controlled manner passively. This feature is particularly useful after surgery when a joint is limited in movement and when the patient is in a moderate amount of pain.