About Us

Located in the heart of Metairie, OrthoPTic Rehab Clinic of Metairie has been a long-time fixture in the local medical community. As a family-owned private practice, we have developed a strong reputation and strong relationships with physicians of all specialties, as well as with the members of the community who we feel deserve only the best medical care around. It is our mission to provide the most current methods of treatment, with our hands as well as our state-of-the-art equipment, and to make it fun in the process. We ensure that every patient that walks through our doors receives our “personal touch”, from the ownership to our support staff. In this day and age of medicine and big corporations, priorities and focus have changed. At OrthoPTic Rehab Clinic of Metairie, it is about the patient, has always been about the patient, and always will be about the patient.